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eJump aims to provide outstanding web design, web development and mobile app development solutions to clients from all over the world and a top notch work environment for its team.

In values we trust

As a company, we strive to enhance the businesses of our partners through the web and mobile app solutions we offer. We take pride in being creative and flexible yet professional. We deliver in a timely manner by balancing the needs of our clients while making eJump a great workplace for our team. Everything we do is in line with our three core values:

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Honest Communication

We take great pride in the transparency we display at all stages of our work, as well as within the office. We don’t overpromise nor do we lead our clients astray by deflecting or gaslighting them. We prioritize clear, polite and truthful communication throughout our work.

  • We try to give our clients realistic estimates of timelines and project outcomes, drawing on our past experience.
  • We are fully transparent about the status of our projects, at all stages of development.
  • Taking responsibility for our work and our decisions is a cornerstone of our activity.

We value both our clients and our team. The bonds of mutual respect ensure that the relationships we develop within our team as well as with the beneficiaries of our projects are solid, long-lasting, and genuine.

  • We keep our promises, both when it comes to product quality and to pre-agreed timelines.
  • We make sure we understand client needs and wishes before commencing any work.
  • Any questions or concerns, either from our clients or from within the team, are promptly addressed.

Our highest purpose is to bring added value to our customers. Our enthusiasm in doing so is rooted in our love of exploration and all things digital. The diversity and working simplicity of the solutions we provide are a testimony to this passionate yet balanced approach.

  • We will always try to go the extra mile.
  • We will never settle into a “matter of fact” approach to work.
  • We enthuse about the solutions we offer. You will too.
Meet the happy team
Ana Maria I Ana Maria I
Stefan M. Stefan M.
Tiberiu N. Tiberiu N.
Alex N. Alex N.
Mihai P. Mihai P.
Marian A. Marian A.
Mihai F. Mihai F.
Cristian C. Cristian C.
Alexandru D. Alexandru D.
Ioana F. Ioana F.
Adrian C. Adrian C.
Mircea C. Mircea C.
George N. George N.
Mihai S. Mihai S.
Razvan I. Razvan I.
Cristi C. Cristi C.
Raluca M. Raluca M.
Andrei G. Andrei G.
Emil G. Emil G.
Ioana A. Ioana A.
Florin M. Florin M.
Radu P. Radu P.
Bogdan C. Bogdan C.
Alexandra B. Alexandra B.
Radu O. Radu O.
Sergiu M. Sergiu M.
Andrei S. Andrei S.
Andrei B. Andrei B.
Mihai C. Mihai C.
Ana Maria I Junior Web Developer
I am Junior Web Developer who is passionate about using technology to create communication solutions that are honest, reliable and effective. I believe in building strong relationships with my clients, colleagues and customers so we can work together towards common goals.
Stefan M. Junior Web Developer
Everyday I strive to refine my craft just like a magician takes his tricks to the next level.
Tiberiu N. Project Manager
I am ambitious, capable of multitasking, a good man and a loving father. Passionate about marketing and management, I hope to get better and better results and to grow the name and image of eJump together with the same people who become friends over time.
Alex N. Web Designer
As a web designer, I am passionate about creating websites that are user-friendly and visually pleasing for customers. With an eye for detail, I strive to provide the best experience possible through layout structure and intuitive navigation elements. My goal is always to give clients a product they can be proud of!
Mihai P. QA
As a DevOps Engineer, I am highly skilled in building and maintaining cloud-based systems as well as developing and deploying software applications. My expertise includes automation strategies for continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes and setting up configuration management tools.
Marian A. Junior Web Developer
Hi! I'm Marian, I like to spend most of my time at the computer doing different things - from trying to make my laptop take flight when I open a game/program that is too large (and then I need to put it in the fridge to cool down) to trying to make my own script executor
Mihai F. QA
I'm a Manual Quality Assurance (QA) specialist with experience testing software applications, websites and mobile applications. I use the latest tools and techniques to identify defects, debug issues and verify functionality.
Cristian C. Web Developer
export interface AboutMe { id: string; nick: string; age: string; hobbies: string; } let Cristian:AboutMe; Cristian.id = 'Private'; Cristian.nick = 'Cezar'; Cristian.age = 'lots of'; Cristian.hobbies = 'Travel, Driving, Tennis, Reading, Coding';
Alexandru D. Junior Web Developer
I am a hard-working individual and I like to create things that I can be proud of and drive me to my best. I am ambitious and adaptive, as I can easily grasp new situations. I am curios and keen on learning new things and developing myself.
Ioana F. Junior Web Developer
I am a Junior Web Developer with a passion for creating amazing websites. With communication and honesty being the cornerstone of my work, I strive to create reliable products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.
Adrian C. Junior Web Developer
Speeding through traffic in rush hour on a motorcycle is fun, but having a bug-free code is more satisfying.
Mircea C. Web Developer
As much as I love scuba diving, I love code diving more. It’s a challenge that suits my ambition and skills. And apparently, I’m doing a great job!
George N. Junior Web Developer
Honest, reliable and passionate about web development, I strive for excellence in every project I take on. A great listener who takes constructive feedback to improve my work over time.
Mihai S. Junior Front End Developer & QA
I multiply my life. I have lives on the websites and others on the SF books I read. If you ask for reality, I have my own. If you ask for yours, I’ll test it for you like I test the website’s functionalities. An objective point of view always helps.
Razvan I. Project Manager
I'm a highly skilled Project Manager who loves to take on new challenges. I thrive when it comes to problem solving and am always striving for excellence in my work. My keen eye for detail helps me assess each situation quickly and come up with the best possible solutions that can benefit everyone involved.
Cristi C. Infrastructure Manager
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Raluca M. Mobile App Developer
I'm passionate about developing apps that users find helpful, engaging and enjoyable to use on any device. My goal is to provide quality products that help customers reach their objectives through software solutions tailored to their needs.
Andrei G. Junior Web Developer
Web developing touches my mind like music. I live through music and I work like the music lyrics on the beats. When I’m in nature I see inspiration and it teaches me about the other side: silence.
Emil G. Web Developer
I put my heart in everything I do and I get inside the client’s head. Oh, maybe that’s why my designs are a perfect match for him!
Ioana A. Web Developer
I like to think that I’m on a quest with everything. To discover new wonderful places in this world, to meet people just as curious about learning things like I am, and a cool quest to always find the better version of the code I write.
Florin M. Web Developer
My expanding enthusiasm for web development stirred my passion for web technologies and made me eager to tackle new and challenging projects.
Radu P. Co-founder & Coding Responsible
Have an old school problem with no answer? Let me do a little hocus-pocus and all the bugs, pests and code creatures are all gone!
Bogdan C. Co-founder & Design Responsible
Always on top of what’s next, results-oriented & able to grasp the “big picture”. I have developed a comprehensive vision and I am very good at digging into the important details – someone’s got to do it, right?
Alexandra B. Project Manager
As a project manager, I am committed to communication and reliability. I believe in honest feedback and working collaboratively with all team members. My goal is to create an environment of trust, where everyone can contribute their unique skills to reach the desired result.
Radu O. Mobile App Developer
I’m a traveler, so I like to cruise through codes. I’m highly passionate about web development and I am on a continuous learning process.
Sergiu M. Web Developer
Do you believe that all the bugs can coexist peacefully with the code ? Well, I don’t. Give me 10 good minutes, and I’ll get rid of all the creatures from your code.
Andrei S. Web Developer
I’ve started as an engineer, so I tend to see the technical solution to anything so fast that Flash can’t do it better. Add some good ol’ logical thinking and plenty of challenges along the way and you’ll understand why I’m into programming so much!
Andrei B. Web Developer
As a Junior Web Developer, I have excellent communication skills and am reliable and honest. I'm highly organized with an eye for detail which makes me effective in finding solutions to various technical problems.
Mihai C. Web Developer
I specialize in writing clean, reliable code that ensure my clients' communication and projects are delivered without errors or glitches. My commitment to honest communication ensures that all parties involved understand their roles throughout the entire process of website development.
Our staff wellbeing is our
primary directive

We foster an environment that is conducive to long-term growth and professional development. Learning is a key feature of the eJump experience. It happens in both an organized fashion – due to intentional efforts from our side – and gradually via interactions with clients and colleagues.

We also encourage career advancement. Anyone can try to branch out if they have acquired the skills to do so. We actively support our team in acquiring these skills, for example by facilitating the attendance of sector-specific events, workshops and conferences, as well as the acquisition of learning materials.

  • icon Learning Learning
  • icon Mentoring Mentoring
  • icon Consultation Consultation
  • icon Practice Practice
  • icon Reflection Reflection
  • icon Study Study
team image team image

Even within a single position, we encourage eJumpers to try new approaches and solutions as part of their everyday work. We strongly support out-of-the-box approaches, as long as they work. In time, this has created a culture of innovation.

We are proud of this culture and strive to build upon it. As such, in-house training sessions, technical communication and briefings are used to funnel existing innovation towards further progress.


Burnout is one of the biggest problems in a modern workplace. Of course, we wouldn’t know as we try to foster a pleasant, stress-free environment, and we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

We found a very simple fix: fun. At eJump we have multiple ways of enjoying ourselves. We have boardgame nights, outings, team-buildings and spontaneous get-togethers. On top of this, we provide in-office massage and primary counseling, knowing very well that a healthy mind and a healthy body are a welcome pairing.

team image team image

Pay it forward

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

Indeed, one can bring major changes through education and it’s probably the single most important investment of anyone’s time. And even though we’re a diverse team of geeks with different opinions, we all agree on this: it’s worth taking on educational projects, even or especially when they are pro-bono.

Most of us had the chance to receive a quality education – either formal or under the form of lessons from colleagues, friends or mentors. Other times, we taught ourselves the skills we now use, but that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of certain people.

We want to give back and make the world a better place because we’re better for it. And it is really fulfilling to work on something bigger than yourself, especially when you have a dedicated and skillful team that jumps at the opportunity of giving back to the community. We’re especially excited when the person we’re giving back to is a student, a person seeking to rise above their circumstance or a community wanting to change for the better through entrepreneurial education. We’re proud to have worked on projects and with organizations like:

  • “Hai la Olimpiada”
    In collaboration with eMag Foundation
  • Upgrader Community
  • Global Dignity Romania and Upgrader
  • Fragile
  • Fundatia Autonom

Founder’s Story

Hi there! How’s work going along? I’d love to meet you for a cup of tea and tell you the story of eJump and all about how it is relevant for you and your business. For now, though, I’ll have to make do with written words. So here we go. I speak for myself and for Radu, my partner in crime, when I say we truly believe that great results come when you really love your work. It drives you to put in the extra effort needed to achieve truly amazing things. It was never really verbalized between us, but eJump was born out of this belief. You’ll see it too, from another angle. For example, by enjoying our really creative work.

What fuelled us all along

I always loved web design, entrepreneurship, marketing and customer service. Truth be told, I did not think about it in these terms, but I felt instinctively drawn to the idea of IT entrepreneurship. And, as I gained more experience, I became convinced that the web design services available on the market could be improved A LOT. I always had a penchant for quality so, wanting to help people do more on the web, I sought guidance in Radu’s company. Radu had started his first company in 2004. He was offering clients a level of customization for their websites and mobile apps that was hard to match at the time. Radu was playing and working with software and hardware in a way that’s not really possible nowadays. In the process he became one of the best programmers in the Bucharest IT scene. After working together for a while we had our “Eureka” moment: clients were paying too much for poor quality services. That had to end, really!

So we joined forces and started eJump. Soon after, we won our first big project and things only grew from there. In those early days, I would manage the designs and Radu the technical part. Today, we have a whole team dedicated to delivering top notch solutions for our clients.

Our core belief: being transparent.

Yes, I know, our story is not dramatic. We did not have to fight relentless detractors or go through 20 years of working in a job we hated before realising how entrepreneurship is our true calling. We did, however, go through the thrills and frills of building a web design, web development and mobile app solutions company. Occasionally, we experienced some tough times, but that’s just what every start-up does. Everything happened naturally and we organically bonded to create a company that offers excellent service. We are honest about our origin story, and about everything else, really. One thing that won over many clients was our full transparency: we’ll tell you exactly what we can and cannot do, and how realistic your expectations are. And, once we deliver and leave you with a big smile on your face, you’ll be thankful for it. We did mention we love IT solutions and not snake oil sales, right?

The focus

When we started eJump, we had to carve a niche for ourselves in a crowded market. We decided to hedge our bets by mixing quality designs and high-end solutions for our clients’ projects. Everything we did had to be perfect, to the best of our abilities.

The growth and the people

Running a two-man show isn’t easy. Lucky for us, other enthusiasts joined along the way, believing in the same jump to the digital world we initially envisioned. They are now part of our team, their expanding skill sets bringing added value to our projects. Anyone who’s ever worked with us knows that we can do plenty of stuff (web design and development, mobile app development, management tools and all sorts of hardcore programming projects). It might seem much, yet our clients can feel that we really master each and every side of a project. And we do.

The pillars of great work. What we care most about is to always keep and respect our core values:


which implies transparency in all our communication.


which means constructive attitudes and openness.


which stands for real commitment for well-made things.

Have a question? Wondering about prices? Want to know if we can
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We might be exploring new Galaxies or preparing to fend off an alien invasion, but we’re always an email away.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your web design agency? Do you need a smashing website that will make your competitors afraid of going out of business? How about a mobile app? We love our work and are eager to talk to you, show off our skills and our portfolio. Drop us a line. We’re guaranteed to reply and we’re real friendly too.

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