Prime Kapital

Client Type: Enterprise

Country: Romania

Technical solutions: WordPress, CRM, API Integration

Real estate is one of the key growth engines of the Romanian economy. The post-crisis years have seen a boom in both construction and sales, with new construction booming in a few dynamic cities that are attracting talented workers as much as families and expats.

One company that has been at the forefront of this boom has been Prime Kapital. An integrated real estate developer, investor and operator in Central and Eastern Europe, Prime Kapital has a diverse commercial portfolio in Romania. This includes shopping centres, major residential estates and mixed-use developments. The company was named Investor of the Year in 2020, at the EEA Real Estate Awards.

In Romania, Prime Kapital has increasingly focused on high quality residential establishments. An example of this is the Avalon Estate. A unique community, it is located between Pipera and Aviatiei neighborhoods, in northern Bucharest. It offers mid-density housing on an 8.1ha plot close to the city’s business district, providing a central location for its residents. Designed with great attention to detail and arranged around a large park, this development has low traffic flow and exclusive community services, providing a suburban lifestyle in an urban setting.

The Problem

The competitive real estate and housing development sector is heavily dependent on quality marketing, including the use of inviting, user-friendly websites and apps to inform customers on existing commercial offers.

Prime Kapital was not satisfied with the state of their online presence, and decided to contact eJump in order to sort things out. A developer such as Prime Kapital tends to have individual sites for every major project, as inquiries are usually focused on fairly specific offerings. Few people would generally inquire about homes in multiple cities. Also, someone looking for a city-centre home will be looking at different amenities when compared with someone who’s always dreamed of living in a suburb. A development’s website will tend to have peak usage during the sales phase, when apartments are sold to would-be customers. At this stage, the website must offer a solid communication channel for potential clients.

A particular challenge in this case was the need to work with multiple hosting platforms, different service providers and to correct pre-existing work. Furthermore, due to the heavy sales-oriented nature of project websites associated with housing development, there is a need to ensure user journey flow being directed towards sections such as inquieries.

  • A need to create aesthetically pleasing and functional websites for key Prime Kapital projects
  • A need to facilitate user journey flows directed towards sales-related activities.
  • The need for streamlined backend integration to enable the use of CRM systems in managing Prime Kapital’s diverse portfolio of projects
Prime Kapital Page Website

The Solution

Given their less than ideal prior experiences, the collaboration with Prime Kapital started with a trial run in which eJump showed its design and coding prowess. This involved building a specific webpage. We passed this test with flying colors and began a long-term collaboration. The first project we worked on was Avalon Estate, a flagship development emerging near Bucharest’s Northern business district. This was followed by dedicated websites for the Silk District, and then for Marmura Residence.

The three digital projects relied on a custom WordPress theme, which we individually enriched with specific multimedia resources. Each project undertook a distinct identity, but stayed in line with the brand. The look and feel is beautiful and simple, modern and sophisticated and focused on immersive visual stories. Their message is simple: this is a community that caters to your aspirations. Each website had a different twist, of course, a story embedded in the visual identity. Furthermore, the websites are designed to look great regardless of whether the user accesses them from a computer or from a mobile device.

Prime Kapital has been very happy with the look and feel of their new websites, and our team continues working on these projects. The websites are not just a sales platform but are a form of visual storytelling, and we - at eJump - are proud of what must be our most artful design.

The sales website for the Avalone Estate was directed at people who wanted a quiet, airy lifestyle but were not keen on spending their days commuting to work and back. As such, key images and messages emphasized quality of life, with pictures used on this website highlighting greenery, open spaces and that almost suburban community feel. Information also pointed out that this community is nevertheless close to the city’s main business district.

Avalonestate Page Website Avalonestate Page Website

The Silk District website ( was meant to showcase a mixed-use brownfield development in the centre of Iași. As an urban regeneration project, the key message of this website was supposed to be „urbanity”. As such, images used on the website included wide shots of Iași and a map highlighting the central location of the project. The takeaway messages were also about connectivity to urban life. All in all, the website was carefully adapted to target people keen on city life.

Silkdistrict Page Website Silkdistrict Page Website

Marmura Residence

Marmura Residence is a high-connectivity development in an up-and-coming area of North-Western Bucharest. The website of this mixed development of 458 apartments and 6 office spaces emphasizes how well connected the development is. While “close to the metro” is almost a meme in Bucharest real estate, the website places a heavy accent on emphasizing that the metro, tram and retail offers are close indeed, thus catering to people with fast-paced participative lifestyles.

Marmura Residence Page Website Marmura Residence Page Website

The conclusion

By designing three visually stunning websites, by crafting distinct visual stories that create a link between each Prime Kapital development and their intended clients, eJump has managed to build a solid image for the company’s real estate developments. The websites are both visually stunning and heavily oriented towards enabling sales, simplifying Prime Kapital’s work and enabling a simple, streamlined management of each individual development.

The key stand-out feature of website development in the case of Prime Kapital is the multi-layered use of visual storytelling, easy-to-access information and user journey flow management in order to boost inquiries and, ultimately, sales.


Web-based presentations for key Prime Kapital projects such as Avalon Estates, the Silk District and Marmura Residence


Visual storytelling embedded in website design, thus allowing each individual website to tell a story catered to common prospective buyers


Use of journey flows directed towards sales-related activities, enabling a rapid transition to sales inquiries

What does the client say about our work.

“People these days are bombarded with information left, right and centre. We have a compelling offer for our would-be customers, but we wanted each of our project websites to tell a visual story that a potential buyer can “read” in seconds. I think eJump delivered.”

Prime Kapital

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